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4th Grade

 4th Grade Measurement.doc

Smartboard File:


PDF Version (for those without Smartboards)




Fibber Island (below) was not used in the model lesson, but I thought it might be of some use to you. It is meant to be a challenging game used for 5 minutes a day. The premise is that four pirates have washed up on Fibber Island where no one tells the truth. The pirates have to answer a series of questions and the one who tell the truth is tossed off the island. My idea was that I would use one slide per day and have the students keep track of which pirates told the truth and which pirates lied. I thought it would be a good chance to reinforce keeping track of data. It is meant to be worked in groups or at least with a teacher led discussion (preferably in a good pirate voice).

 Fibber Island.notebook

 Fibber Island.pdf


5th Grade

 Fifth grade division of fractions.ppt

 Fifth Grade lesson.doc



 Differentiated Instruction.ppt  

 Division Graphic Organizer.docx






      Investigations Lesson Transfer.ppt

 Investigations Lesson.notebook

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